Australia Day

The Property Brokerage team wishes you a Happy Australia Day! We hope that you will have a fun-filled day celebrating in a way that is not only enjoyable but also honours all facets of our unique cultural history, respectfully reflecting on the past, and also looking towards the future.

Australia Day Celebrations, January 26th falls on a Friday this year. Although it won’t qualify as a long weekend, it’s a widely observed holiday throughout all of Australia with most people taking part in the holiday celebrations as they are incredibly proud to be Australian.

Australia Day: Reflect. Celebrate. Honor.

On Australia Day, we rejoice in the essence of our beloved nation: its vast land, commitment to a fair go, lifestyle, democracy, and above all, its diverse and remarkable people.

This day holds profound significance as we recognize the contributions of every Australian, spanning from the enduring cultures of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to those who’ve embraced Australia as their home from various corners of the world.

While the 26th of January has transformed over time, initially commemorating emancipated convicts, today it stands as a day of reflection, acknowledging historical injustices and honoring the resilience of Indigenous Peoples.

Australia Day is an occasion to pay tribute to the stories and sacrifices of those who shaped our nation, fostering the values and freedoms we cherish. Additionally, it is a celebration of our rich cultural tapestry, embracing diverse traditions and belief systems.

Beyond being a popular holiday, Australia Day holds deep meaning for 3 in 4 Australians, extending beyond a day off. More than half of the population actively engages in events organized by governments, councils, or community groups, demonstrating unity, while over 16,000 new citizens join the Australian family on this auspicious day.

Australia Day Celebrations Across the Region

Celebrate Australia Day with our vibrant community! Join one of the fantastic events hosted by local groups on January 26th. Check out the list of events below. Be sure to join in one of the fun organised Australia Day Celebrations activities, celebrate with friends, family, and/or neighbours at the beach, a local park, or just relax at home.

Australia Day in the Village 
Step into the past at the Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum’s must-attend Australia Day event in 2024!

Australia Day 2024 in Poona
Experience sun, sea breezes, and sensational vibes at the 2024 Poona Community Progress Association Australia Day Event in the coastal haven of Poona!

Australia Day at Maryborough 2024

Join the Rotary Club of Maryborough-Sunrise Inc.’s Australia Day Celebrations for a fantastic morning filled with good Aussie fun, great tunes and tasty tucker!

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Fun Ways to Celebrate Australia Day at Home

Australia Day is the perfect time to have fun. Some great Aussie game ideas include:

Celebrity Head: Make it Australian names only.
Thong Toss: The person whose thong is thrown the farthest wins.
Aussie Trivia: The questions will need to be organised in advance by someone. Get everyone to contribute $5 and make it a contest where the winner keeps everything. Or, even better, give the cash to the charity of your choosing.
Water Fights: Even without a pool, staying cool on a hot day is still possible with only a few water guns and buckets.
Two Up: Although it is an Anzac Day game, it’s a great one to play on Australia Day.

Hold An Aussie Fashion Show

When it comes to an Australia Day fashion show, anything goes as long as it emphasises the Australian flag and features a lot of green and gold. Try donning the Australian flag (but do try and think outside the box and get creative.) Other favorites include novelty sunnies, classic tees, boardies, beach-appropriate bikinis, bathers, and thongs (for your feet). Bonus points for those sporting temporary tattoos and bucket hats.

Beach or Backyard Cricket Australia Day Celebrations

Depending on where you are celebrating; play a classic game of beach or backyard cricket.

Have An Aussie Movie Marathon

An Australian movie binge-a-thon could be for you if you want to keep things low-key. There’s a vast, wide-reaching array of different genres and themes. Whether you’re in the mood for a laugh, a scare, or even a good cry, there is an Australian film out there just for you.

For a true home theatre experience, don’t forget to close the blinds and make a large bowl of popcorn! There are so many Australian treasures to choose from. Here are a few of our all-time favorites:

Babe – Chopper – Crocodile Dundee – Gallipoli – Mad Max – Muriel’s Wedding – Picnic at Hanging Rock – Strictly Ballroom – The Castle – The Dish

Try a Tim Tam Slam

The traditional Australian Tim Tam Slam— arguably Australia’s favourite biscuit, is a wonderful Australia Day game, especially if it’s a little chilly outside.

The ends of your Tim Tam may be nibbled off and used as a straw for your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Before it becomes soggy, slam the Tim Tam into your mouth and— just enjoy that iconic chocolate taste!

chocolate tim tam biscuits

Make It a Ridgy-Didge Australia Day With True Blue Phrases

Brush up on your Aussie slang and, rang-a-dang-dingo, whoever uses the most true-blue phrases throughout the day is the winner!

Need help improving your Aussie vocab? Check out our extensive Aussie Slang Dictionary that will give you a competitive edge. Here are a few Aussie terms to get started with:

Cozzie – swimming costume  Cranky – in a bad mood, angry  Crook – sick, or badly made  Cut lunch – sandwiches   Dag – a funny person Daks – trousers  Dinkum, fair dinkum – true, real, genuine   Dipstick – a loser, idiot  Down Under – Australia and New Zealand   Dunny – outside toilet   Earbashing – nagging

Australia Day Food Options

Fire Up the Barbie

It’s cliched, but oh so good. This cultural phenomenon of Australian home cooking is always popular!

Good Old Classic: Snags (sausages) with caramelized onion, burgers with lettuce, beetroot & pineapple, or go with the crowd-pleasing prawns.
Multicultural Twist: Peri Peri chicken, or satay chicken skewers. YUM!
BBQ Breakfast Cook Up: If you’re starting early, everyone will be happy if you provide bacon, eggs, baked beans, tomato & toast.
Veggie Theme: Try tofu burgers, veggie patties & grilled vegetables— opt for skewers & kebabs for fun.

Other Australia Day Celebrations Classics

Lamb Roast. Meat Pies. Sausage Rolls. Pavlova. Lamingtons. Anzac Biscuits. Tim Tams.

Go for a refreshing swim at the Beach, Lake, River or Backyard Pool

Here in Queensland, the gorgeous weather means it makes perfect sense to start your Australia Day celebrations with a refreshing swim. Don’t forget to slip, slop and slap!

Keep It Local

The annual Australia Day Awards are an opportunity for our community to recognise outstanding local heroes and high achievers from all walks of life.

Australia Day Awards Presentation – 26 January 2024 at Brolga Theatre

2024 Australia Day Award categories include:

    • Citizen of the Year
    • Young Citizen of the Year
    • Sportsperson of the Year
    • Young Sportsperson of the Year
    • Cultural Award of the Year
    • Young Cultural Award of the Year 
    • Volunteer of the Year
    • Young Volunteer of the Year
    • STEM Award of the Year
    • Young STEM Award of the Year
    • Community Project of the Year
    • Community Group or Organisation of the Year.

A nominees recognition ceremony will be held at the Hervey Bay Regional Gallery on Friday 19 January 2024 with the Australia Day Awards Presentation occurring at the Brolga Theatre on Friday 26 January 2024.

Don’t forget there are also several activities planned by the local council and community organisations. It’s best to check before the event by visiting the website of your local council to get the most recent information on Australia Day Celebrations Local Events.

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