Best 3D Virtual House Tours for Real Estate Agents and Home Sellers

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3D virtual house tours for real estate are one of the most effective ways to showcase your property whether planning to sell or rent your property out. 3D virtual tours make it easier for buyers to visualize what they want in their new home and to get a feel of different aspects of a house or apartment that simply cannot be seen in regular real estate photos or videos. 

How 3D Virtual Tour Software Improves Your Marketing Strategy when Selling

3D virtual tour software and tools are becoming the norm in the real estate industry. While it may seem like these 3D virtual reality models are purely decorative and an unnecessary marketing extra, the reality is they serve a greater purpose. High-quality virtual tours help potential buyers envision themselves in your home and make them feel more comfortable with their purchase decision.

Some of the most popular 3D VR tour product or service formats include floor plans, interactive virtual tours, dollhouse view, and presentations on a tablet. The more interactive these tools are, the better they will be at increasing buyer interest in your listing. Property Brokerage’s successful real estate marketing strategy includes the best 3D virtual tour software for real estate. 

Exactly What is a 3D Virtual Tour and How Does it Work?

A 3D virtual tour is a real-time, interactive multimedia that allows a user (potential home buyer) to explore a place or space (the home) from a 360-degree perspective. The user can move through the home by dragging the mouse, clicking on the image, or pressing arrow keys on the keyboard. It’s very simple to navigate. There are plenty of 3D software brands available in Australia with Property Brokerage Interactive Open Homes by 3D Vista being one of the very best. Matterport 3D is another popular choice throughout the real estate industry, although their drag and drop tool integration doesn’t always load properly and isn’t as user-friendly as the 3D Vista brand. 

Feel free to view our latest 360 virtual tour samples and reviews from genuine existing customers that successfully sold using Interactive Open Homes and Property Brokerage No Price Marketing Effective Sales Process. Virtual Tour: 33 Galway Crt Eli Waters

3D Virtual House Tours Interactive Open Homes

How to Capture an Effective 3D Virtual Tour

Employing a professional that knows how to properly capture an effective 3D virtual house tour is very important— check out these tips on how to get the best results when using 3D virtual tours to sell your house for the maximum price in the fastest time possible.

Use the Right 3D Camera Lens & Equipment

The 3D Tour camera lens is a revolutionary tool for real estate photographers, tour guides, and property managers. The camera lens captures everything that is in front of it at an accurate distance and height level. A professional virtual tour creator takes the images with the camera and then utilizes special video creation software to create the virtual tour.

Camera Location Selection

Proper placement of the camera, as well as optimum location selection for your 3D tour, will determine the amount of detail that can be seen and should be chosen based on what you want people viewing the online version of your home tour to see. For example, a property for sale, an open space with some natural light would work best as it will show off your property at its best and highlight all features of the room or space.

3D virtual tours are more than just a pretty picture. They can provide a compelling and totally immersive experience for your prospective buyer.

Additional Best Practices to Ensure a Great 3D Virtual Tour Result

1) Using the right camera angle: The camera angle determines how immersive and engaging the 3D virtual tour will be. The higher you want to go, the more expensive it will be.

2) Add in depth to your scene: To add in-depth, add shadows, reflections, and light sources to make your scene come alive.

3) Add depth by using textures: Textures add depth by creating an illusion of distance for objects in your scene. And when they reflect light correctly, they can create a spectacular effect that draws viewers straight into your 3D space 

4) Use of sound: Sound in the background of your interactive home tour needs to be used sparingly as too much sound can be distracting.

If you’d like to speak to one of the Property Brokerage team members about selling your house, feel free to get in touch. We look forward to assisting you.

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