Our property appraisal checklist covers everything you need about how to get a real estate appraisal on your property.

Exactly what is a property appraisal? It’s a detailed analysis of your property’s value.

What is included in your FREE property appraisal?

Property Size Evaluation: A complete property size assessment including outdoor areas, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc and how this compares to neighbouring properties in terms of value.

Location Assessment: A comparative assessment of the property’s location including nearby amenities, proximity to local attractions and potential buyer appeal.

Current Market Conditions & Recent Local Sales: A complete analysis of the current market conditions and potential impact on your property’s price.

Other Information: These may include the building structure & condition, overall presentation & fit out, helpful future improvements if you were to sell and other important details which contribute to a complete market appraisal of your property.
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How Much is my property Worth?

We’d be happy to give you a qualified appraisal report as to  your homes worth in today’s real estate market.

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