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Are Open Homes Today Necessary in the Coronavirus Market?

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Open homes have always been the norm in buying and selling homes, but reality is you’ll soon be hard pressed to find open houses— as it’s a whole different world NOW!

But rest assured, the Property Brokerage team utilises virtual home tours offering solutions that enable you to sell your home safely during this time.

How is the Virus Most Impacting Buyers & Open Homes in the Area?

We know that COVID-19 has altered the way buyers are inspecting homes and will continue to do so for at least 6 months, as lockdowns and travel bans become more widespread.

This is especially true when selling property in Hervey Bay as many buyers come from interstate, whether looking to invest or move to our beautiful coastal city.

COVID-19 Spreading Fear & Uncertainty

Obviously, there’s been significant impact throughout the entire country with general fear and uncertainty becoming the new norm as the situation worsens.

Our Government has enforced new rules to hopefully ‘flatten the curve’— including quarantine and social distancing to combat the spread of the virus. We’ve seen lots of panic buying, empty supermarket shelves, loss of jobs and so on.

Buyers Major Real Estate Concerns

  1. Virus Exposure: Traveling can expose them to the virus
  2. Isolation: Potential of imposed isolation-quarantine in motels / unable to return home for some time / potential expenses & monetary loss
  3. Miss Out: By the time Buyers can safely travel to Hervey Bay, the house they are looking at may be sold.

Sellers Major Real Estate Concerns

  1. Virus Exposure: Can a buyer inspecting the house place them in real danger of getting infected?
  2. Negatively Affect Marketing: How will this slow down the selling of their house?
  3. Impact Price: What will the sale price likely be if the market falls as has happened with the share market?

Indeed, these are very genuine real estate concerns— however there are also very effective ways of overcoming these fears.

Technology Offers Very Effective Solutions

Technology in the form of Interactive Open Homes allows potential buyers to inspect the homes of their choice without the need to travel and attend an open home or private viewing.

Buyers can also appoint an independent trusted local, such as a building and pest inspector do a physical walk through of the home, while they (the buyer) views the home remotely. Believe it or not; interstate Investors have been using 3d house tour and open house online platforms to buy property for some time now without ever setting foot into the home.

Or buyers can place an offer on a home, making it subject to undertaking a physical inspection within a specific amount of time if they prefer to personally inspect it.

All this can be easily achieved with an Interactive Open Home Tour (offered by Property Brokerage) and a phone call; thereby limiting exposure of the Corona virus to everyone.

Check out our website, send an email or call a member of our Property Brokerage team today for more information.

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