Avoid These 4 Common Blunders When Selling a House

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Selling a house is a really big deal that most people don’t undertake every day, and chances are that similar to the majority of homeowners that decide to put their house on the market, you too are not aware of the best procedure to follow and what you really need to avoid. That said, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge or complicated process. If you’re looking to sell your house, we’ve compiled a list of four primary tips when selling your home that will ensure you avoid the most typical pitfalls ensuring that things will go smoothly.

When the Photographer Shows Up— Make Sure the House is Tidy

Whether selling a house or a unit,  it’s vital to share your property in the most effective way possible and when it’s most convenient for potential buyers. The buyer’s first impression of your home is based on its online images. You need to leave a lasting impression, so start cleaning up any clutter and mess right away! Food splatters on the kitchen benches or mounds of papers on the dining table are the worst offenders.

When potential buyers flick through your home’s images, they should be able to form an emotional connection with the property. If they witness continuous clutter, unclean surfaces, or disorganised spaces, there will be no emotional connection formed as your potential buyer will click onto the next property of interest. Prospective buyers of your home like to envision themselves living in your property if you depersonalise it. (remove any clutter)

You may like to consider employing a professional home staging company to Stage Your House For Sale or simply do a quick Google image search for home staging ideas that you can easily implement yourself. You might also find this blog post helpful: 10 Great Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

selling a house declutter & tidy up
For Sale House Tips: Before & After Decluttering

Don’t Hand Out Your ‘To-Do’ List to Potential Buyers

A house that sits on the market for a long period of time without any interest or offers is probably in need of some TLC. People don’t want to move into their lovely new home and have to deal with any existing house repairs that come with it. If someone is interested in purchasing your home, then you need to get to work on whatever needs fixing whether it’s a wall that needs painting, a garden bed to be weeded, or a leaking shower that needs attention— they really don’t want to have to take care of your to-do list of any jobs that you should have done prior to selling.

Keep Your Marketing Budget in Check— Just Be Sure Not to Skimp on Essentials

As a general rule, property owners obtain a better offer when they use property marketing— you can’t sell a secret! When more people are aware that you’re selling your home, the market becomes more competitive, resulting in higher bids. High-quality targeted marketing will help you get your property in front of the right buyer, rather than just anyone, and that’s what you want.

Don’t Base Your Choice of Agent on Fees & Commission Payable

Agents who demand either a flat cost and/or no commission are almost always a scam.
Performance has a greater impact than alleged appraisal values do. Instead of going with the agent that guarantees you a 15% higher price than other agents, go with the real estate agent who has sold numerous properties.

Good points to consider and questions to ask include:
How long has it been since your agent sold a house? Do you know how many they’ve sold in the last six or twelve months? Get prospective listing agents to explain why he or she is the best agent to sell your house, as well as their marketing tactics, etc. Be especially wary of agents who are all talk!

Selling a House Mistakes All Sorted? You’re Ready to Speak to a Real Estate Agent

Property Brokerage Hervey Bay employs industry specialists who know the local region and can help you sell, purchase, or invest throughout the Hervey Bay and Maryborough region. Our professional real estate agent team is here to assist you in achieving the best possible result when selling a house or unit. They’ll be able to assist you in developing a selling strategy and laying out all of the procedures you’ll need to follow to get your home on the market. Contact Property Brokerage today on 07 4125 6692

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Meet the Property Brokerage Team



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