Best Place to Invest Key Factors: Finding a “Good” Location

Best Place to Invest Hervey Bay Suburbs

In the world of real estate, the mantra “location, location, location” is often repeated, and for a good reason. Location, specifically the ‘best place to invest,’ plays a pivotal role in determining the value of a property. In this post, we’ll delve into the factors that make a location desirable and valuable, and why it matters for homebuyers and real estate investors.

Finding the Best Place to Invest – Key Factors of a Good Location

Ever wondered why the saying “location, location, location” is so prevalent in real estate? It’s because, when you buy property, you’re not just acquiring a house; you’re investing in a specific piece of land. You can renovate a house, but you can’t move it. The significance of location becomes evident, especially in suburban settings where property boundaries are clearly defined.

Whether you’re purchasing a suburban home or an urban apartment, your choice of location is paramount. The value of a property is heavily influenced by its location, primarily due to the principles of supply and demand. The supply of housing in prime locations is limited, making these areas more sought after and valuable.

Homebuyers and Location

Understanding the importance of location is the first step in making a wise real estate investment. Homebuyers, including the younger generation, often drive the popularity of an area based on their preferences. A “good” location usually includes convenient public transportation, well-ranked schools, and a strong sense of community. These factors contribute to making it a good investment for those seeking long-term value and rental income.

Another crucial aspect to consider is that a “good” location or a “bad” location won’t stay that way forever. Cities, towns, and neighborhoods are constantly changing, and property investors need to keep an eye on the evolving trends in the real estate market. A location that is currently affordable might become a short-term hotspot for real estate investors if significant developments or new job opportunities arise, which can lead to a considerable increase in property prices.

What Makes a Location the Best Place to Invest? 5 Key Factors of a Good Location

A good location can mean different things to different people, of course, but there are also objective factors that determine a home’s value. Depending on your personal needs and preferences, you may not be able to buy a home with all of these factors. And that’s OK. After all, a home is much more than just an investment.

Regardless of which type of property you are shopping for, here are five key factors to consider when assessing the location of a house:

1. Centrality

Where you choose to live in a city or town will undoubtedly affect how much you pay for your home. Land is a finite commodity, so cities like Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne that are highly developed and don’t have much room for additional growth tend to have higher prices than cities with too much room to expand. Some of these communities have many uninhabited homes and areas that have fallen into disrepair.

2. Neighborhood & Suburbs

The suburbs and neighborhoods that appeal to you will essentially be a matter of personal choice. However, a truly great suburb will have a few critical factors in common: accessibility, appearance, and amenities. Your neighborhood may also dictate the size of the lot on which your house is built.

Hervey Bay Suburbs Map
Hervey Bay Suburbs = The Best Place to Invest

3. Development: Shaping the Future and Boosting Property Values

It is not just the present amenities that matter, but future ones as well. Plans for new schools, hospitals, public transportation, and other civic infrastructure can dramatically improve property values in the area. Commercial development can also improve property values. A neighborhood that has a low crime rate and is an inviting and safe place to be outdoors and socialize with neighbors is the type of place where most people want to live, making it a good investment for real estate investors.

When considering property investment, it’s crucial to stay informed about local developments. The Fraser Coast Council website offers valuable insights and updates on upcoming projects, infrastructure improvements, and growth plans that can significantly impact the desirability of an area and property values.”

4. Best Place to Invest Lot Location

You also need to take into consideration where the house is located. If the house you want to buy is right on a busy road or very close to a highway, you can probably get it for a lower price, but it will also be more difficult to sell later. The same may hold for houses that stand next to or back onto a commercial property, such as a grocery store or gas station, or houses on streets that get an unusual amount of parking traffic and parked cars, such as those near large churches or community centers. Alternatively, a house with a wonderful view or near teh beach is likely to be more valuable, both now and when it comes time to sell it.

5. The Home You Purchase

There’s one aspect of house hunting that tends to surprise people. Let’s say you’ve narrowed your choices to two homes that stand side by side in a great neighborhood. One needs repairs and updates but has a huge lot. The other is in tip-top shape but sits on a lot half the size of the fixer-upper. The prices of the two homes are similar. Which do you choose? In most cases, the house in need of repairs is the better investment.

The Bottom Line: Making Informed Decisions on the Best Place to Invest

Location isn’t entirely subjective—in fact, it’s based on a fairly static set of criteria. When you set out to shop for a new home, make sure the neighborhood isn’t just desirable to you but has objective qualities—such as attractive amenities, good schools—that will help ensure your investment appreciates in value over time.

There are several techniques that can help you pick a desirable home location. If you are thinking of moving to a new neighbourhood—or simply buying property in one—it’s important to recognize that the locals are an invaluable source of knowledge. Mention to someone in a local coffee shop that you are looking to buy in the area, and you’ll find that people are more than willing to share knowledge and insights.

Note: When shopping for a new home, experienced local real estate agents are valuable sources of information about the best place to invest in, including the most desirable locations and neighborhoods. Conduct thorough research and take professional advice to make informed decisions

how's the hervey bay real estate market
Hervey Bay & Maryborough Suburb Profile

Ready to explore the best place to invest? Take a look at the wonderful family friendly suburbs in Hervey Bay for your next property investment. Discover in-depth insights and detailed information in our informative suburb profile reports on our suburb profile reports page. Make an informed decision about your next real estate venture.

*Of course, you can always drop into our office at Whale Bay Marina Urangan for a chat about the various locations and suburbs within both Hervey Bay and Maryborough regions.

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