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Why Isn’t Your House Selling?

Deciding to sell your property is a big deal— then having to choose which real estate agency to go with, marketing options and an acceptable price are all part and parcel of the process. Then comes the BIG question that so many sellers ask their agent. Why isn’t my house selling? Pricing Problem? Plenty of

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Aussie Parents Giving Kids a Helping Hand to Buy Property

Most Aussie parents (many grandparents too) aim to give their kids the best possible start in life— nowadays with exorbitant house prices, tough lending rules and not nearly enough savings for a deposit; this now includes assisting them to get at least one foot on the property ladder. There are key factors preventing millenniums, Y-Gen

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Seller Beware: Hope Marketing Strategy is Hopeless!

Fortunately for sellers, the days of the Hope Marketing Strategy are long gone! What is Hope Marketing? Remember when agents would bang in a buy me sign and upload a few photos to the internet— and sit in an office hoping for buyers to simply walk in the door or call? Terms like “discount commission”,

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Pricing Strategies: Promise of a Price Shatters Dreams

The value of the role of pricing in marketing is clear when property listings are few and far between. When it’s difficult for real estate agents to win listings; we typically see the rise of pricing strategies with the only goal of winning the listing. Some real estate salespeople are even paid sales bonuses just

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