Hervey Bay Real Estate Agency

Dianne O’Keefe Hervey Bay Real Estate Agent

Dianne O'Keefe is the Principal & Hervey Bay real estate agent at Property Brokerage

Dianne O'Keefe

Principal. Sales Broker. Office/Admin Manager 
Specialities: Webdesign. SEO. Marketing. Home Staging. Feng Shui.

Dianne O’Keefe is a fully qualified Hervey Bay real estate agent and the Principal at Property Brokerage. However, with her strong background in sales, marketing, and office systems management, you’ll mostly find her working autonomously behind the scenes of the Property Brokerage brand in the fields of professional website design, creative content writing, SEO, social media, email and office administration.

Dianne also maintains all the technical components of the website and CRM portals in-house. Other interests and expertise include home staging and feng shui.

What does Dianne enjoy most about freelancing?
The culmination of a professional skill set meets creative freedom, flexibility, and passion. 


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