Professional Property Management Hervey Bay Rentals

Professional Property Management Hervey Bay Rentals

Securing your Investment – Securing your Future

Property Brokerage Hervey Bay Rentals Offers You
  • Comprehensive Property Management Services
  • Quality Tenants & Optimum Care For Your Property
  • Excellent Financial Returns

The Avoidance of Headaches Typically Associated With Being a Landlord

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Since many of our property investors regularly request that we personally look after their rental properties, we’ve decided to add exclusive property management to our Hervey Bay real estate services.

Rentals Hervey Bay & Maryborough Region Property Management Services: We pride ourselves on excellent service to all of our clients, be they home sellers, home buyers, tenants, or property investors/landlords— our Property Business model is all about vision, voice, and value.

Smart Rental Property Management Rentals Done Right

We’re raising the bar for Residential Property Management in Hervey Bay & Maryborough Areas  

Whether you are an experienced, savvy investor with a large rental portfolio, brand new to the exciting world of property investment, or somewhere in between— rest assured that our professional property management Hervey Bay team will take excellent care of your investment property assets and needs.

We understand that you want maximum returns, great tenants, and smart service. We know that no other Hervey Bay property management company is better equipped to serve you. Here’s why:

We Listen.
As an independent boutique real estate agency, we have a smaller rental portfolio enabling our secure rental management staff more time to listen and better understand your specific needs. We have more time to complete thorough tenant screenings, carry out regular inspections, and regularly monitor the rental market ensuring we achieve the highest rental yields possible for you.

We Act.
We believe that a high level of personal service is essential in ensuring a great property management relationship with both our property investors and tenants. As our client, you will always have access to our knowledge, expertise, and resources as well as real-time information and quality support to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Hervey Bay Rentals Property Management
Property Brokerage Hervey Bay Rentals

Our Promise to You Leigh RH Looking property management

At Property Brokerage, we take great pride in introducing our senior property manager, Leigh Johnson, who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every aspect of Property Management. We understand that entrusting your property to our care is a significant decision. With Leigh’s comprehensive understanding, refined skills, and extensive experience, we provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Rest assured, our commitment is to deliver the utmost quality and achieve the optimum results you expect and deserve.

What Is a Property Manager’s Role?

The term “property management” refers to a crucial role that is diverse and often challenging. There are no two days that are alike. The job of a property manager can be totally mind-boggling for some, but for the majority of professional property managers, it’s ” It’s all part of the job.” The reality is— people management is at the heart of property management.

Do you know what a property manager’s main responsibilities are as an investment property owner?

Property Brokerage has a wealth of expertise managing Maryborough and Hervey Bay rental properties including multiple investment portfolios, and knows everything there is to know about this particular area of real estate. 

We always go above and beyond for our customers on both sides of the property management equation. There are several essential property manager responsibilities which focus on investors (landlords) and others on the tenants. Property management is the operation, control, maintenance, and oversight of real estate and physical investment property.

A property manager’s primary responsibility is to:

  • Advertise your house or unit for rent
  • Check references and rental history as part of the tenant screening process
  • Open the property to allow people to view it
  • Organize submitting of condition reports
  • Oversee the tenancy agreement documents including the signing process, and answer any issues that arise
  • Keep track of your investment property’s financial accounts and submit reports to you regularly
  • Conduct frequent inspections of the property (usually every three months)
  • Organise tradesmen to handle repairs and/or any maintenance/upkeep required

Our trained property management team adheres to all regulations, policies, and procedures as required by RTA QLD 

Why Choose Property Brokerage Property Management?

Our Rentals Hervey Bay & Maryborough Property Management Team Offers:

Personalised Service
We are 100% focused on maximising your profits as well as ensuring that owning an investment property is a hassle-free experience for you.

Complete Transparency
Property Brokerage Rental Department provides you with an unprecedented level of transparency. Our rental property Hervey Bay team is quick to provide you regular insight into the operation of your investment property, including tenant information, rent, inspections, maintenance, and all financial reports.

Get More for Less Money
With simple, all-inclusive flat costs, we’ve devised a new, more honest approach to pricing. There are no hidden costs! Our low overheads mean more savings for you.

Get the Highest Possible Rent
Using the newest technologies and premium listings on Domain, Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide and our own database, our property managers will find you a top-quality tenant very quickly. To maximise impact and get the perfect renter into your property faster, we use all of the latest property marketing techniques, including Interactive Open Home Virtual Tours, inhouse real estate photography, and much more.

What’s Your Rental Potential?
Setting the perfect rental price for your Investment property is something we can help you with.

Our no-obligation valuation / rental appraisal takes into account all the best features of your property and the local rental Hervey Bay market, as well as broader market factors that influence your rental value (such as proximity to schools, restaurants, shops, parks, transport, etc). Just curious? Get in touch as we understand that getting an update on your property’s rental potential can assist you to make better long-term decisions.


Property Brokerage: #1 Rent Hervey Bay. Maryborough. Region Property Management Team

We have a lot of pre-qualified, high-quality tenants looking for a home to rent in Hervey Bay & Maryborough QLD

If you’d like more information or a free rental appraisal for your investment property—
Please get in touch with our senior property manager Leigh Johnson on 07 4125 6692. Alternatively send a message via the appraisal request form below or by email to