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Considering a move to Fraser Coast’s Hervey Bay region? Or perhaps thinking about Maryborough, Howard, or Burrum Heads? Dive into our guides on Hervey Bay suburbs and localities for a real feel.

Check out each Maryborough and Hervey Bay Suburbs Profile to get the lowdown on every region, suburb, and neighborhood. Uncover must-know details about schools, medical services, transport, retail, churches, restaurants, cafes, parks, and more.

On the right sidebar, you’ll find Fraser Coast Hervey Bay Suburbs, Outer Localities, and Maryborough Township. Click on any specific suburb or area to reveal a comprehensive overview.

Explore each area’s vibe, weigh the amenities, and find your perfect fit. Get ready to discover the best of the Fraser Coast’s vibrant communities.

Map of Suburbs in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay Suburbs Map
Detailed Hervey Bay Map of Suburbs

Hervey Bay Suburbs & Localities We Service

Urangan. Torquay. Scarness. Pialba. Point Vernon. Eli Waters. Nikenbah. Urraween. Kawungan. Wondunna. Booral. River Heads.
Sunshine Acres. Dundowran. Dundowran Beach. Craignish. Toogoom. Burrum Heads. Howard. Torbanlea. 

Maryborough Suburbs & Localities We Service

Aldershot. Granville. Maryborough. Maryborough West. Tiaro. Tinana. Tinana South.

Which are the Best Suburbs in Hervey Bay?

Like to live in Hervey Bay and wondering about the best suburbs? Hervey Bay boasts a desirable coastal lifestyle, making it a sought-after destination. To help you navigate the options, and discover which si the best suburb to live in Hervey Bay for you by delving into the specifics.

If you’re in pursuit of high-end living with breathtaking water views, check out beachfront suburbs like Scarness, Point Vernon, Torquay, and Urangan along the Esplanade. These areas feature upscale homes and easy access to all local amenities.

Alternatively, if you prefer a coastal acreage lifestyle, explore River Heads, Booral, Dundowran Beach, Craignish, Toogoom, and Burrum Heads. Each offers a unique blend of tranquility and proximity to the stunning coastal surroundings.

Determining the absolute best suburb can be challenging, given Hervey Bay’s diverse offerings. The key is to conduct thorough research and explore the Hervey Bay suburbs map and guides to find the perfect fit for your preferences and lifestyle.

Discover Maryborough Suburbs

And don’t forget to explore the inviting township of Maryborough, where history meets modern living. From the laid-back atmosphere of Aldershot and Granville to the heart of the Fraser Coast in Maryborough itself, each suburb has its own charm and a welcoming community. Whether you seek modern amenities in Maryborough West or a tranquil rural lifestyle in Tinana South, Maryborough’s diverse suburbs cater to every discerning homebuyer. Find your ideal home in the thriving communities of Hervey Bay and Maryborough.

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Hervey Bay Region Suburbs:

Hervey Bay boasts a range of diverse and charming suburbs, each offering a unique lifestyle and appeal. Let us guide you through the following sought-after Hervey Bay suburbs:

  • Urangan: Experience a relaxed coastal lifestyle with picturesque beaches and marina facilities in Urangan.
  • Torquay: A vibrant and friendly suburb with a variety of amenities and beachside living.
  • Scarness: Enjoy the tranquil beauty of Scarness, a perfect blend of coastal and residential living.
  • Pialba: A central hub with shopping centers, schools, and recreational facilities for the whole family.
  • Point Vernon: Discover a peaceful coastal haven in Point Vernon, perfect for nature enthusiasts.
  • Eli Waters: Experience a family-friendly atmosphere and convenience in Eli Waters.
  • Nikenbah: Embrace rural living while staying close to city conveniences in Nikenbah.
  • Urraween: A growing suburb with modern conveniences and easy access to major amenities.
  • Kawungan: Experience a mix of residential living and natural beauty in Kawungan.
  • Wondunna: Find serenity and a sense of community in the charming suburb of Wondunna.
  • Booral: A tranquil retreat close to nature and the stunning Sandy Strait in Booral.
  • River Heads: Enjoy the best of coastal living with breathtaking views in River Heads.

Maryborough Suburbs:

Maryborough, steeped in history and charm, features a selection of wonderful suburbs that offer an excellent quality of life. Allow us to present the following Maryborough suburbs:

  • Aldershot: Embrace a serene and laid-back lifestyle in the peaceful suburb of Aldershot.
  • Granville: A lovely riverside suburb with historical significance in Granville.
  • Maryborough: The heart of the Fraser Coast, offering a rich heritage and bustling community.
  • Maryborough West: Experience a mix of modern amenities and historic appeal in Maryborough West.
  • Tiaro: Enjoy a relaxed country atmosphere and friendly community in Tiaro.
  • Tinana: A tranquil suburb with easy access to both city conveniences and natural beauty.
  • Tinana South: Discover a quiet residential area with a touch of rural charm in Tinana South.

Discover the Outer Regions & Towns:

  • Burrum Heads: A relaxed coastal suburb, perfect for fishing and beach enthusiasts.
  • Howard: A historic town with a friendly community atmosphere in Howard.
  • Torbanlea: Embrace a peaceful rural lifestyle in the charming Torbanlea area.