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Fraser Coast 4659


Burrum Heads at a Glance


Population: 2,068
Closest State School: Howard / Torbanlee State School
Distance to Stockland Shopping Centre:
25-30 minutes by car
Distance to Closest Beach:
 1 minute by car
Distance to Hervey Bay Hospital: 25-30 minutes by car
Burrum Heads to Hervey Bay: *25kms Car. Bus.Taxi.
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There are no schools in the township itself, although Howard State and Torbanlee State Schools are about 15 km away. There are also plenty of public and private schooling options in Hervey Bay and Maryborough that are not too far away. 
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There is a local bus service (#711) available from Hervey Bay to Burrum-Heads although it only runs twice daily: Monday through Saturday.


Burrum Heads Hervey Bay has a Foodworks, Gift Store, Chemist, Unisex Clothing Store, and several restaurants, cafes, and takeaway food shops. For more serious retail therapy, Hervey Bay Stocklands, Eli Waters, or Maryborough are your best options.
NEARBY SERVICES: Medical Centre, Hospitals (Hervey Bay/Maryborough)


Living in Burrum Heads Hervey Bay— a Wonderful Fraser Coast Region Beach Lifestyle!
The gorgeous seaside town has plenty to offer including boating, kayaking, windsurfing, fishing, crabbing, and safe swimming at the gorgeous golden beaches. The attractions of Hervey Bay are only about thirty minutes away. Coastal living at its very best!

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Burrum Heads QLD History & Location

The Fraser Coast seaside town of Burrum Heads, named after the Burrum River is situated at the southern river-mouth; just 25km north of Hervey Bay and 50km north of Maryborough.  Coal was found and mined during the 1860s about 30km upstream. The area was referred to as the Burrum and Howard coal fields, and mining continued up until the 1990s. It is believed that the name may have referred to the river’s rocky bed in a local Aboriginal language.

European settler Robert Travis obtained a homestead allotment in 1871, with a township, marked out and named Traveston in 1888 (later changed to Traviston). By the late 1890ss, Howard and other inland area residents holidayed in Traviston resulting in several beach cottages being built. The area was recorded as a grazing settlement in 1924.

In 1920 the Torbanlea hall was transported to Traviston, and a swimming enclosure was also built; with another hall (previously a packing shed) constructed in 1935. The town was renamed Burrum Heads in 1950. The holiday spot aimed to offer an out-of-the-way, ram-shackle lifestyle, but became a national news story as a mature stand of cypress pine was identified in 1936 just south-west of the town and placed in a reserve— the forerunner of Burrum Heads National Park and nearby Woodgate National Park north of the Burrum Inlet.

Burrum Heads Map

Burrum Heads Hervey Bay Real Estate

The tranquil and peaceful village of Burrum Heads QLD Australia, offers a wonderfully relaxed lifestyle with a choice of stunning waterfront acreage or residential homes, rural or urban residential properties, or vacant land on which to build your dream home. There are plenty of gorgeous established homes very close to the beach as well as new housing and land releases throughout the township including the Burrum Waters, Dolphin Waters Estate, and On the Beach releases. These new estates offer a mix of generous allotments from 700m² through to blocks of over an acre located close to the beach and surrounded by tidal creeks and lakes. You truly can build the ultimate coastal lifestyle home in Burrum Heads. 

You’ll find local Foodworks, restaurants, and cafes in the main street including a butcher, baker, general store, fish, takeaway foods, chemist, and a hair salon— all within walking distance. Enjoy a meal and/or entertainment at either of the two local Bowls Clubs or the Burrum Heads Hotel. The area is great for a family picnic, barbecue, or a leisurely stroll along the beachfront. 

What is it like to live in Burrum Heads? 
Living in Burrum Heads offers a tranquil experience in one of Queensland’s serene seaside villages, renowned for its fishing and swimming options. When it comes to safety and overall quality of life, Burrum Heads fares well with a crime rate that is relatively low, making it a secure and appealing place to call home.
Recreational Activities
So much to see and do: Lawn Bowls Clubs with activities & special events, Beaches, Fishing, Parks, Swimming, hotels, etc. All of Hervey Bay Attractions are less than 30 minutes away! Likewise Torbanlea, Howard, Toogoom, and Maryborough are close by as well.
The Beach— just gorgeous all year round!

burrum heads hervey bayaerial
Burrum Heads QLD Beachfront Living

If you are considering a coastal rural property lifestyle, get in touch to view one of the gorgeous homes for sale. Burrum Heads may be the ideal location for your family.

Brian Thompson Hervey Bay Real Estate Agents
For information regarding buying or selling in Burrum Heads, contact our Burrum Heads real estate specialist— Broker Brian Thompson on  ☎ 0438 132 215  or by email ✉  sales@propertybrokerage.com.au

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