How to Sell Your House For More Money & Quickly!

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You’ve made the decision to sell. No doubt you want to get the best price for your house and the quickest way to sell your house strategy. There are tactics on how to sell your house for more than what market values recommend, but the final sale price of your property depends on a variety of different circumstances. While there isn’t a single precise method for raising the price of your house and speeding up the sale, the Property Brokerage real estate agent team in Hervey Bay, Queensland uses unique marketing strategies that do deliver higher home sale prices in the lowest number of days on market.

Property Brokerage. We’re Home to the Best Hervey Bay Real Estate Agents

Hiring the appropriate agent is the key to selling your Hervey Bay or Maryborough property for the best price. This is why it’s crucial to interview a few different agents and choose the one you believe will do the best job of selling your property.

Don’t be tempted by agents trying to lure you in with a low fixed fee or reduced agents commission. Agents that make such offers are often desperate and have to discount their services to compete. It’s wise to ask yourself what marketing necessities and/or services are they not going to provide you with. The reality is most sellers often lose money as the agent is unreachable, doesn’t advertise your home well, doesn’t negotiate properly, and/or isn’t experienced in managing a transaction from start to finish.

We’ll discuss a few ideas that should dramatically increase the price at which your house sells. Our Property Brokerage real estate agents go well beyond just reiterating what we’ve said here and even adding to it. To learn more about our team and how we can help you sell your  Hervey Bay QLD house, get in touch with Property Brokerage as we are home to the best Hervey Bay real estate agents servicing the entire Hervey Bay and Maryborough regions. Get a free suburb profile report for your neighbourhood (updated monthly).

We Will Price Your Property Properly Ensuring You Get the Best Price Without Any Price Reductions

Pricing your house correctly from the start ensures the greatest number of potential buyers are attracted to it, which will increase the likelihood that it will sell fast and for a premium price, well above market worth. Your professional real estate agent of choice will be in charge of assisting you during this process, and you’ll go over our unique pricing strategies in great detail with your agent.

The agent should locate the latest comparable sales in your area and use those as a reference. Pricing will also be influenced by market trends. If there is a high demand and little supply, it’s known as a seller’s market which is in your favour and is great for you as a property seller.

If the reverse is true with low demand and/or a large supply of homes on the market; you may be tempted to wait until later to put your house on the market– although our Property Brokerage team regularly delivers optimum results in both real estate market types.

It’s All About High-Quality Marketing Strategies That Deliver Optimum Price Results

Making sure that your home receives maximum exposure and reaches as many potential home buyers as possible is the optimum method to sell your house for more money and to sell it quickly. Your real estate agent is primarily responsible for the effective marketing of your property, but in practice, it requires the careful placement of a few different puzzle pieces for the marketing plan to be effective.

Preparing and staging a house for professional photography is the first step in offering it for sale. It won’t be a visually appealing listing if the photographs are dark and grainy, cluttered, and disorderly, or if there are just a few images posted. Spend some time cleaning, decluttering, painting, mending anything that needs to be addressed, and perhaps even considering staging your house so that it is ready for professional pictures to be taken.

Your real estate agent will walk you through this entire process. In order to give potential buyers a chance to virtually tour the house before setting up an in-person viewing or open home. As a professional marketing company, Property Brokerage has its own professional photography department that creates the photos, a video presentation, and a virtual tour all in-house. We also have a team of SEO real estate content writers working exclusively on creating high-quality property descriptions and website content for the highest online engagement.

Social media marketing is also crucial, with the most important platforms being Facebook, Google My Business, and Youtube. The Property Brokerage SEO team also handles all social media marketing in-house meaning that your home stands out from the crowd and is seen by as many (qualified) buyers as possible.

Highly Targeted Marketing Brings In Qualified Emotional Buyers That Typically Pay More

Not all real estate agencies are created equally. Property Brokerage, as a specialised marketing company knows how to market your home the right way. We target emotional buyers that are more likely to pay a higher price for your property in comparison to investor or bargain hunter buyer types that will haggle you down to the lowest price possible.

We know firsthand that many real estate agents do what is known throughout the industry as ‘smash the sellers on price.’ We see countless properties come onto the market at highly inflated prices (‘buying the listing’), or listed as ‘Offers Above $$$’ to end up being reduced several times over the course of marketing the property for sale. Our unique marketing strategy ensures that this never happens.

First Impressions Always Count

Why is curb appeal one of the most crucial aspects to concentrate on before listing your house for sale? It’s the very first thing a buyer sees when they approach a property that is on the market. Make sure your home exterior looks beautiful, the lawn is lush and well-kept, the shrubs are neat, the flowers are in bloom, and so on.

You should mend any significant cracks, damaged windowpanes, or frames, paint the front door if necessary, add planter/window boxes, tidy the front yard, and do anything else that would improve the home’s curb appeal.

Remember that buyers will be drawn to a clean house, as opposed to one that is dark, crowded, sticky, and dusty, which will turn them off before they even inspect all of the bedrooms. Hiring a reputable cleaning service is the best way to ensure your home is clean, pristine, and looking its best.

It’s best if every area within the house is spotless, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. We advise you to replace or get your carpets professionally steam cleaned if necessary. Even though it might appear that you are spending a lot of money to get your house ready for sale, this is one of those situations when investing a little money up front can greatly affect the sale price.

Of course, giving your home a really good thorough cleaning yourself with warm water and household cleaning products, along with regular tidy-ups of the living room, dining room, and family room areas is quite okay too.

white wooden kitchen cabinet with white pendant lamp
Ensure your home is clean, pristine & looking its best.

Aim for Home Improvements that Increase Value

Many homeowners think that the more improvements they make to their property, the quicker and at a better price it would sell. However, this is not always the case. When remodeling a house, it’s important to concentrate on improvements that will matter when it’s time to sell.

Avoid over-upgrading to the point where your house becomes the most costly property in the area. Chances are that unless your house is something really special, you will fall short if you attempt to sell it for more than $600,000 despite the fact that most properties in your neighbourhood are selling at around $450,000 each.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations, a new garage door, landscape design, small exterior upgrades, painting, and routine maintenance to keep the house in the best condition are the improvements and changes that add the most value to your property. Check Hervey Bay Real Estate Guide for local Hervey Bay Trades & Services

Optimise Natural & Artificial Lighting to Get the Best Price for Your House

Buyers are more likely to be lured to a cheerful, bright home than they are to a gloomy, dark one where the curtains are permanently drawn. As absurd as it may seem, lighting is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when selling a house, and we advise our clients to make every effort to make the most of the lighting in a space.

Did you know that, after location, lighting is the second-most crucial “must-have” for buyers? If your property is situated to get natural light, be sure to clean the windows, open the blinds, and open the curtains. There are several things you can do to make even the darkest areas of your home brighter if there isn’t enough natural light.

Visit a lighting store to get an idea of the many different types of artificial lighting available to create more light in your home. In order to let more light into your home, you may also replace the lampshades, up the light bulb wattage, pull down the curtains and drapes, and cut the plants and trees around. With little to no cost to you, simple improvements like lighting may have a big impact on how quickly your property sells.

Keep All Personal Items to a Bare Minimum When You Sell Your Home

Remember that a buyer wants to imagine their things and their lifestyle when they tour a house that is up for sale; not the personal belongings of the current owner. Take the time to depersonalise your home and store away items like family portraits, memorabilia collections, and other treasures during showings and open homes.

Getting rid of personal belongings can also aid in further decluttering the house, which will make it more desirable to potential home buyers. You may also like to employ a professional home stager to help your home reach its maximum potential, or your agent will advise you on what you should and shouldn’t put away.

There’s a great deal more involved than simply hiring a real estate agent, putting your house up for sale online, and waiting for the offers to start coming in when you decide to sell your house. It takes a few weeks, sometimes even a few months, to get your house ready to sell, and you might need to spend some of your own money to make sure the house is in good condition.

If you have your house listed and it isn’t sold, you may find the following blog post worthwhile reading: WHY ISN’T YOUR HOUSE SELLING?

Working with an agent who has your best interests in mind and can support you throughout the real estate sales process is always beneficial, whether you are selling your first property or are an experienced buyer or seller. Please contact our Property Brokerage team if you would like more information on how to sell your house faster and for more money. We are eager to assist you with all of your real estate requirements since we have extensive experience in Hervey Bay real estate.

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