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Why We Love Living in Hervey Bay

Where is Hervey Bay Queensland?

Anyone living in Hervey Bay, Queensland knows just how great the coastal city, located just 3½ hours north of Brisbane by road via the Bruce Highway, and 30 minutes north-east of Maryborough is. The Fraser Coast Airport situated in the suburb of Urangan has direct flights from Brisbane (45 mins) and Sydney (1½ hours). There are several trains that service the coastal; the fastest being the high speed Tilt Train with connections to and from Maryborough West or the nearby town of Howard. 

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Hervey Bay Attractions. Hervey Bay Sightseeing.

Hervey Bay is synonymous with a unique laid-back lifestyle combined with year-round perfect weather. It really is paradise! And with more people choosing to call the coastal city home; there’s been enormous development with additional facilities added for the ever-growing population.

Of course, Hervey Bay has long been renowned as the Whale Watching capital of the world and equally famous for the Heritage World Listed Fraser Island; making it a very popular destination for tourists from across the globe, many of which would undoubtedly love to stay permanently if they could. No doubt you’ll love the awesome relaxed Hervey Bay lifestyle too.

What to do in Hervey Bay?

We’ve listed two of the most popular Hervey Bay tourist attractions as well as a few fun things to do in Hervey Bay for free, but there are so many more than just these to enjoy. To see more lifestyle and tourist attractions in this amazing coastal city check out the Hervey Bay Visitor Information Centre or the Visit Fraser Coast Website.

Is Hervey Bay worth visiting? Absolutely!

5 Must Do Hervey Bay Attractions

Hervey Bay Whale Watching

This Hervey Bay attraction is at the top of our list of things to do in Hervey Bay since Whale Watching is one of the key reasons that tourists visit our wonderful city. It is a seasonal attraction with tours taking place between the months of July till October. Choose from morning, afternoon or a 3/4 day tour which usually includes a buffet lunch. You'll certainly get up close and personal, and some tours also offer swimming with the whales.

Fraser Island Tours

There are so many great Fraser Island tours from Hervey Bay to choose from including single, multi-day trips or combination tours that include Whale Watching. If you prefer to do your own thing; you can take your own 4WD or even join a tag-along-tour. Various ferry and barge services operate daily from River Heads including travel between River Heads & Wanggoolba Creek and return services to and from River Heads to Kingfisher Bay Resort. There is so much to see and do here: Experience the island's natural beauty, paddle the crystal-clear waters of Lake McKenzie or Eli Creek, explore 75 Mile Beach, inland tracks, lake and much more.

Discover Hervey Bay Beaches

There's nothing quite like relaxing with your family at a gorgeous Hervey Bay beach! It's truly priceless and best of all totally free. As a bay, the beaches are very calm, offering safe swimming with no big waves because Fraser Island provides protection. Rips are also rare. The tide goes out a very long way. You'll find plenty of families happily enjoying a day out knowing their children are safe to swim and paddle. You'll also find people out on the water enjoying various water sports as well as people fishing from the shore; although there are many more people fishing off of Urangan Pier. Got to love that Hervey Bay lifestyle!

Esplanade Walk & Bike Path

Esplanade walking / bike path is 14km long, stretching east from Urangan Harbour all the way across to Gatakers Bay in the city's west. The stunning tree-lined waterfront pathway is very popular with locals and visitors alike. Children, families and couples are regularly seen enjoying a leisurely stroll, bike ride or some exercise along this shared pathway. Bike hire, playgrounds, picnic tables, barbecue areas and amenities are situated throughout the various foreshore parks that the pathway crosses. There's also plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops lining the street on the opposite side.

Urangan Pier & Parks

Very popular with tourists, keen anglers and their children, the historic Hervey Bay Pier is definitely a key point of interest. It was built in about 1917, stretching over 1100 meters long. There's even an annual fishing competition and various festivals throughout the year. Walking to the end of the pier is a popular activity for young and old alike, and there are rest spots with seats scattered all along especially for anyone unable to manage the 2km round trip! It's well worth seeing at both High Tide as well as low with the water receding along way back almost to the end of the pier itself (although not quite as there is a deep channel running through). You may even see some large fish, including sharks reeled in off of the very end of the pier.
Be sure to visit this amazing Landmark! There are also two awesome family parks / playgrounds in this area. Are you ready to live in Hervey Bay?

Is Hervey Bay a Good Place to Live?

It’s no surprise that Hervey Bay, Queensland is regarded as one of Australia’s most desired places to live— not only are there lots of fun things to do in Hervey Bay for the whole family; but there’s also our perfect weather, stunning beaches, affordable living and a very wide range of housing options to choose from. Whether you are looking to retire, buy your very first home, or want to upgrade to a larger house— there are plenty of property types to suit everyone. There’s everything from classic, established older homes to brand new Turnkey House and Land Packages in newly released housing estates. There’s also seaside, beachfront or rural, acreage and urban-residential blocks to high rise apartments, villas, units, and townhouses in town, out of town, or in the suburbs. 

Hervey Bay Population & Statistics


City Size & Population Density: The total area of Hervey Bay is 93.2 square kilometers with a population density of about 561 individuals living per square kilometer
Hervey Bay Population Demographics: When taking a closer look at the age of the population, the median age in Hervey Bay is 45, which is higher than the national average of 37
Top Countries of Birth for Residents in Hervey Bay:  Australia (66.7%), England (3.9%), New Zealand (2.2%), Germany (0.4%), Scotland (0.5%) & Philippine (0.1%)
Top Languages Spoken: English, German, Mandarin, French, Dutch & Italian
Main Religious Groups Hervey Bay: 29.6% No religion, 13.3% Anglican, 22.6% Catholic, 3.7% Uniting Church & 9.6% not stated

History & Population Growth: Hervey Bay was officially named a city in February 1984 and is known as one of the ‘capitals’ for Whale Watching in Australia.
Estimate High Population Growth: Despite already having a higher-than-average population, it is anticipated that the population of Hervey Bay QLD will continue to grow, with estimates showing that the population will surpass 102,000 by the year 2026. In the past, the city has been one of the fastest-growing in the country. Most recently, the city’s population growth averages 1.2% annually, which falls below the national average of 1.5%.

Hervey Bay Real Estate

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