Maryborough QLD: The Tree Change Little Town That Could

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When exploring Maryborough QLD, with its vintage charm and Queenslander streetscapes, you’ll be excused for thinking you’ve stepped back into a previous bygone era. But don’t let this little town’s historical reputation deceive you; it has plenty of pleasant surprises in store. The Fraser Coast town of Maryborough boasts exquisite Victorian buildings that whisper tales of opulence and scandal brought on by the discovery of gold.

The Heritage City is one of Queensland’s oldest and most popular tourist destinations— a beautiful region that is adorned with lovely flora, trees, and wildlife, as well as a community of locals that take pride in their colonial and heritage-based lifestyles. Not forgetting, the gorgeous neighbouring coastal city of Hervey Bay; the infamous gateway to Fraser Island, Whale Watching, and various seaside aquatic adventures. 

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History Of Maryborough QLD

  • Heritage City
  • Birthplace of the author who created Mary Poppins
  • Became a city in 1905
  • History in sugar cane & engineering
  • Tidy & friendly city

Originally founded back in 1847, many locals fondly refer to this historical city as the “Heritage City” since it has preserved some of the original homes and buildings that date back as far as 1883 of which many are beautifully restored, and/or still intact.

This unspoiled city rose to fame not just for its historical significance, but also for its connection to author Pamela Travers, well known for penning the bestselling novel and movie, Mary Poppins. The city celebrates Pamela’s history and her character, Mary, by honouring her with a statue built in 2005 and situated on Richmond St, near Queen’s Park, and by remembering her birthplace every year.

In the early 1800s, Maryborough QLD was instrumental in establishing a link between their neighbouring city of Gympie and their Mary River so that the mining operations taking place in Gympie could be shipped overseas.

Maryborough Markets & Entertainment

Every Thursday, Maryborough enthusiasts and businesspeople gather to display more than 120 market stalls filled with a variety of goods for sale to the public, including fresh local produce, craft, ceramics, books, apparel, jewellery, natural products, flowers, and food. Maryborough Queensland is known for its regional heritage charms as well as stunning parks, meandering riverscapes, and old-fashioned country hospitality throughout the many local shops, pubs, clubs, cafes, and restaurants. Check out the Maryborough markets here.

Property Brokerage senior broker sales manager describes the Maryborough region as a peaceful country town brimming with traditional Queenslander streetscapes, lots of rural greenery, and excellent town lifestyle services conveniently close by.

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“The region is attracting a lot of tree-changers with the means to work from home who are looking for an area that provides a safe and family-friendly environment with excellent primary and high schools nearby, and a laid-back lifestyle.”

Brian Thompson also says, “Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, the region’s real estate market has been in high demand as there’s been a substantial push from metro-city dwellers to make a tree change.”

“People can do that, relocate to the region, and still have some money left over due to Maryborough QLD’s housing affordability.”

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Check the latest Maryborough Region Suburb Profile Updates Including Median Property Prices & Rents

Many Australians have become increasingly accustomed to working from home since the pandemic and we are seeing many purchasers now looking for lifestyle homes in regional areas like Queenland’s Maryborough and Hervey Bay to avoid higher-density locations.

Statistics indicate that even prior to lockdowns many home buyers were looking to secure “the best of all worlds.” Increased interest in home buyers pursuing a relaxed sea and treechange lifestyle also means regional areas are also regarded as ‘investment hot spot destinations’ that generate significant capital growth. That’s a win-win for sure!

You might also like to check out our post about the costs associated with making a sea or tree change relocation from the city.

Thinking of Moving to Maryborough QLD for a Tree Change?

All in all, moving to Maryborough or Hervey Bay may be just what your family needs. What are you waiting for? Make a call to Property Brokerage now for additional details. Alternatively, check out our current Maryborough and surrounding properties for sale and contact the listing agent to arrange an inspection.


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