No B.S. Code of Conduct

Keeping Our Code of Conduct Real = No BS

QLD Real Estate Code of Conduct. Real Estate Law. Ethics.

All Real estate agents in QLD must adhere to a Code of Ethics but we don’t believe that the status quo is good enough. Although we may not be able to single-handedly change the real estate industry— we will hold ourselves accountable to a much higher standard.

Every member of our real estate team  is required to adhere to our PROPERTY BROKERAGE No BS Code of Conduct, guaranteeing that:

1. Our Buyers & Sellers are always represented by a fully Licensed Real Estate Agent / Broker. 

Although we do employ Real Estate Sales Persons— they are contracted to us as Personal Assistants to one of our Fully Licensed Real Estate Agents until such a time that they upgrade to the Full Real Estate Licence. We work this way because you are selling or buying what is typically your biggest asset.

2. We will not exaggerate or manipulate sales statistics. 

We’re proud of our totally honest sales history— we’re an open book. We won’t waffle on about sale stats about how much money we make or peddle BS internal awards because we are more concerned with ensuring Sellers and Buyers become delighted customers.

3. You have the final say in our performance. 

We ask every Buyer and Seller for feedback (not just those that love us). We want a 5-star review and we’ll go that extra distance to obtain it.

4. Transparency— (not BS or mind games).

We offer honest advice, upfront pricing & inclusions because we believe in total transparency.

5. We do what we know best. 

We won’t work in an area which we’re unfamiliar with and if not the best person for the job, we’ll find the person who is.

6. We’re passionate about flawless paperwork & details. 

We get the importance of legal paperwork— missed initials, clauses and shortcuts simply don’t cut it! We go beyond industry standards regards information and data collection such as accurate square meter measurements, floor plans and price details. We believe Buyers & Sellers are best served by accurate information.

7. Real estate is more than just a profession– it’s our passion.

Our dedicated team of real estate gents and administration staff are fully committed to their full-time real estate careers. They stay ahead of the game by constantly monitoring market conditions and statistics, while actively pursuing continuous education and training in the industry.

8. We’re inclusive & fair. 

We value the Human Rights Code, respecting and treating people in the same manner as we ourselves like to be treated.

9. We will always represent our clients’ best interests over our own. 

Exactly how does that translate in the real world?
*We never inflate the value of a potential Seller’s home to win the listing
*We host open homes to sell the property we’ve been hired to sell rather than to pick up new Buyers for ourselves
*We create & utilise marketing designed to get our listings sold; not to advertise ourselves to neighbours
*We always negotiate any offer terms and prices solely in the best interests of our clients
*We never cherry-pick comparable sales just to make a deal happen as we prefer that our Buyers & Sellers are well informed

10. We never hold our clients hostage to a piece of paper/contract. 

We always endeavor to fix any problems that may arise while working with us— but if the issue simply cannot be fixed, we’ll happily release you from your contract. We don’t believe any Buyer or Seller should be contractually forced to work with someone if it is deemed that promises have been broken, etc.

For More Information about the QLD Real Estate Code of Conduct including Ethical and conduct standards in real estate Qld–
Check out the following websites about real estate law: REIA: Real Estate Institute of Australia  REIQ and RTA


Real Estate Codes of Conduct FAQs

code of conduct 

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is the official governing body responsible for regulating the real estate industry and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations in Queensland. It holds the legal authority to oversee the real estate sector, issue licences to real estate agents and property managers, and handle consumer complaints and enforcement actions related to real estate practices. On the other hand, the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) is an influential industry association that provides services and support to real estate professionals but is not the government agency tasked with industry regulation.

The REIQ (Real Estate Institute of Queensland) is not a government agency. It is a non-government, not-for-profit organization that represents and provides services to real estate professionals in Queensland, Australia. It acts as a peak body for the real estate sector, offering training, education, advocacy, and support to its members. While it works closely with government bodies and industry regulators, it is an independent organization funded by its members and operates separately from the government.

The REIQ standards of business practice are guidelines that ensure ethical behavior and professionalism among real estate professionals in Queensland, Australia. They promote transparency and fairness in dealings with clients and other stakeholders.

The real estate code of conduct in Queensland, Australia, refers to a set of guidelines that outline the ethical standards and professional conduct expected from real estate professionals. It ensures transparency, fairness, and integrity in their interactions with clients and others involved in the industry.