What Does Professional Property Management Services Done Right Look Like?

professional property management services

We understand the importance of providing professional property management services and the significant role it plays in effectively managing your investment property. Whether you own a single investment property or have a diverse portfolio of rental homes, property ownership should be a rewarding and financially advantageous experience, free from stress and financial loss. At Property Brokerage, we have heard and read about countless ‘Rental Management Horror Stories,’ and we are committed to ensuring that your experience is nothing like any of those in the link.

Our team of property management experts at Property Brokerage is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process. From determining the level of asset management you require to keeping you informed about your legal responsibilities as a landlord, we provide an initial obligation-free consultation that sets the foundation for professional property management.

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Property Brokerage Professional Property Management Services Done Right

How We Deliver Professional Property Management Services

With an emphasis on dependability, quality, and value, we have compiled a comprehensive list of what should be included in professional property management services. As a professional property management company, we excel in all these areas:

  1. Screening of Tenants: We meticulously screen and conduct reference checks, including Tica on all tenant applications to ensure that only the most suitable and reliable renters are selected for your property.
  2. Regular Property Inspections: Our team conducts regular property inspections and prepares detailed incoming and outgoing condition reports with utmost care and attention to detail. Our primary goal is to maintain your investment property in the best possible condition.
  3. Regular Disbursement of Rent Monies: Unlike many rental agencies that disburse rent on a monthly basis, we ensure that your rent money is deposited into your bank account every two weeks. This frequent disbursement minimizes the risk of rent arrears and guarantees timely payments.
  4. Experts in Conflict Resolution: Our skilled team excels in conflict resolution and strives to resolve disputes amicably, thereby avoiding the need for legal action. We are experienced in negotiation and aim to achieve satisfactory settlements for all parties involved. If a matter does escalate to QCAT (Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal), rest assured that you will have capable and professional representation.
  5. Insurance for Landlords: Through our network of trusted insurance providers, we can connect you with reliable companies that offer ‘Landlord Insurance.’ We assist you in securing the appropriate level of insurance coverage to protect your rental investment.
  6. Requests for Maintenance: We prioritize prompt responses to all maintenance requests. With a wide network of local, dependable, and respected tradespeople, we ensure that repairs and maintenance are carried out efficiently. We can provide quotations from our trusted contractors or accommodate your preferred choice of professionals.
  7. Payments for Expenses: Choose the level of management that suits your needs, whether it’s basic tenant selection and rental or a comprehensive portfolio management system. With Property Brokerage, you can trust us to handle all your investment property outgoing payments, providing you with a streamlined process to track income and expenses, especially during tax season.

Our Professional Property Management Guarantee

We stand behind our commitment to professional property management with a genuine guarantee. We don’t just make empty promises; we deliver on our word. In the rare event that we fail to fulfill any of our service tasks, we will not charge you for those particular services.

If you own an investment property within Hervey Bay or Maryborough regions and would like us to manage it for you, our dedicated property management staff is ready to assist you. Take a look at our Current Rentals

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To learn more or request a free rental property appraisal, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us via the form in the sidebar, by emailing or by calling our office on  07 4125 6692 or call our Senior Property Manager Leigh Johnson directly on  0447 082 099


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