QLD Summer Christmas Home Decoration Guide

qld summer christmas in australia home decoration guide

Perhaps you have enjoyed the Northern Hemisphere’s Christmas festivity of a winter wonderland. The sparkling, snow-blanketed earth. The rich, aromatic scent of pine trees. Plus, the shimmering lights are visible through frosty windows—

However, celebrating Christmas in Australia is a very different experience to our ultra-Northern neighbours. The main distinguishing factors are the high temperatures, bright sun, and summery ambiance. Therefore, when it comes to decorating for Christmas here in Australia, it’s best to embrace and cater to the classic summer heat.

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How to Decorate Your House for a Summer Christmas in Australia

When it comes to Christmas decorating, trends come and go. However, the method you choose to spruce up your home for Christmas usually remains the same. Continue reading to discover our recommendations and the emerging trends for 2023.

 1. Choose a Colour Scheme

Choosing a color scheme simplifies and enhances decoration. Instead of the conventional reds and greens, think about colors that display a more relaxed style. Jewel tones, luxury metallics, pastels, fairy floss, crisp blues, and wintry whites are flooding this year’s decorating scene. Your favorite color or a monotone palette can truly customize Christmas decorations.

You can’t celebrate Christmas without a little bit of sparkle! Can’t decide on just one colour? What about a mixture of metallics, gold, champagne, and bronze, complemented by neutral tones, royal blues, and deep greens?


2. Create a Welcoming Front Entry

Welcome your guests with a Festive front door and entrance. Make your own Christmas wreath utilizing Eucalyptus, garden rosemary, or your preferred native plants like gums or wattle. Add elegance to your front entrance with balanced potted plants on both sides of your front door. Include a hint of Christmas with tiny ornaments and twinkling fairy lights.

3. Embrace Nature & Greenery in your Christmas Decorations

Green is a classic Christmas shade. More importantly, it brings a hint of freshness to your home by integrating elements of the outdoors. Nature truly resonates with the Australian spirit. Make Christmas wreaths with local plants and leaves like Eucalyptus, rosemary, magnolia, or Australian natives, which maintain their colour without water. Alternatively, submerged greenery paired with vibrant berries and pomegranates can produce a visually stunning effect on table arrangements.

4. Customize Your Christmas Tree

Traditional Christmas trees (specifically pine trees) have not always been a practical option in Australia due to the hot weather. The higher temperatures can cause them to dry and wilt faster than they might in the Northern Hemisphere, leading to fallen needles and a dry, disheveled appearance. Want a real tree? A delightful alternative is a potted native Australian tree, which can be found at reputable, local nurseries.

Whether you opt for a natural or synthetic Christmas tree, here are several easy decorating tips:

• Begin with the lights. It’s more straightforward to wrap them around the tree in the absence of other decorations.

• Decide on a single colour theme as this always looks great.

• Hang one variety of decorations at a time. You’ll find it makes it easier to distribute them evenly across the tree.

• Consider adding a personal journey touch to your tree. Ornaments from places you’ve visited can help narrate your story.

• Child-crafted decorations can serve as wonderful keepsakes.

• Should you want an Australian beach-themed Christmas, adorn your tree with seashells, starfish, and coral.

5. Decorate Throughout Your Home

Don’t confine your festive decor to just the Christmas tree. Search for spots throughout your house where you can weave in the Christmas theme. Prettify your entrance hall table, bedeck your patio, customise your children’s rooms, bathroom, and beyond.

6. Light Up Your House Inside & Out!

Outdoor Christmas lights are a fantastic way to enhance the festive atmosphere of your home during the Christmas season. By strategically placing fairy or Christmas lights outside your house, you can create a magical and inviting ambiance for both your family and any visitors. These lights can be wrapped around trees, draped along fences or railings, or hung from the eaves of your house. Additionally, you can use outdoor candles to add a cozy and warm glow to your outdoor spaces. 



Likewise, fairy lights and candles add a magical, cost-effective, and cozy atmosphere to your home. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom, living room, or outdoor areas, these luminous elements will instantly transform your home into a serene and inviting sanctuary that radiates comfort and tranquility.

Christmas holiday candles add a festive aroma to your decorations, perfect for artificial tree owners longing for the scent of pine in their homes.

7. Gift Wrapping

People often inquire about Christmas decoration ideas for their house, but seldom do they think about gift wraps. Though technically, it’s not a part of the home décor, the presence of gifts under the Christmas tree adds a certain charm and brightness to the entire room. Therefore, keep the consistency of your chosen Christmas theme intact by extending it to the wrapping of your gifts. Consider attaching a small twig of rosemary or a pine cone to your gift package, as an alternative to the conventional Christmas holly.

8. Advent Calendar

This year, add a creative touch to your Christmas advent calendar. Make a chain of crafty envelopes and stuff them with customised keepsakes. Your family can unveil them gradually towards Christmas. Instead of the usual chocolates, why not incorporate events, escapades, or experiences? ‘Grown-up’ advent calendars are now featuring artisanal items such as cheese and local wine. A splendid method to revel in the festive season.

9. Create a Beautiful Christmas Table Setting

The single day of the year where table setting should be at its finest is Christmas. Initially, I prefer incorporating fresh plants on the table. Tailor place settings with baked treats, tiny foliage sprigs, name cards, or small presents.

Following this, match your colour scheme with your selected Christmas colours. Incorporate some Christmas decorations and tea-light candles or fairy lights, and conclude by pulling out your finest cutlery, napkins, and tableware. If not at Christmas, then when will you utilise it?

Popular Festive Table Decor Styles: Traditional, farmhouse, red and white, Australian natives, white on white, natural tones, etc

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10. Get Creative With DIY Christmas Decorations!

When it comes to ideas for Christmas home decoration, the primary rule is to relish the experience and embrace the holiday vibes. Kids, in particular, love to bring out any decorations they’ve previously made. Why not make some new ones by exploring various Christmas decoration activities?

You and your children will enjoy the process and end up with unique and personalized DIY Christmas decorations that will add a special touch to your holiday fun.


In conclusion, decorating your home for Christmas in Australia (especially QLD) can be a fun and creative experience. By following these tips and ideas, you can transform your space into a festive and inviting environment. Whether it’s using Christmas figurines, holiday ornaments, candles, lights, or seasonal wreaths, there are endless possibilities for creating a warm and joyful atmosphere.

Don’t forget to get creative with DIY decorations, involving your children in the process to make it even more special. Embrace the holiday vibes and relish the experience of decorating your home for a memorable Christmas in Australia QLD experience. Happy holidays!

The eagerly awaited Fraser Coast Christmas Lights Trail maps, including an interactive map showcasing more than 150 homes and businesses is now available on Council’s website at Feel free to print copies to help you find all the best Christmas lights in your area.

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