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COVID-19 Council Update: RealEstate Hervey Bay COVID-19 Rules & Regulations

It is important for us as a community to not become complacent and continue to practice physical distancing and good personal hygiene.

People are also being urged to stay home if you are unwell unless seeking medical attention. Those experiencing even the mildest of symptoms are encouraged to get tested and adhere to all directions provided regarding self-isolation whilst awaiting the results of your test.

Pay attention to the new rules and regulations announced by the Prime Minister. Also, keep informed with the latest coronavirus pandemic safety advice from the Australian Health Department website.
The message is very clear Stay Home and Stay Safe.

2020 – 2022 Saw Plenty of People Wanting to Sell or Buy Property

You may be someone or know someone that falls into any of these categories:

• You’ve already purchased your new home, but have not yet sold your current home
• You have already sold your current home but have not yet purchased a new one
• You’re a tenant that gave or was given notice to vacate before the COVID-19 outbreak
• Your financial situation is and/or was bad well before the outbreak
• Personal circumstances such as a divorce or death in the family

NEED to buy or sell immediately? It’s important to understand that not all agents are ready or equipped to deal with the coronavirus outbreak situation. Correct agent selection is now critical.

Check out some of our latest listings We have some great properties currently for sale and a few new ones coming online very soon!

For Most Agencies “It is NOT Business as Usual”

Plenty of Hervey Bay real estate agencies are advertising that “it’s business as usual.” Obviously many agencies and agents simply don’t get it! How can they state that “it’s business as usual“? Many have in fact closed their office and are now primarily working from home.

The new policies, along with the low $AUD mean that properties, especially in the larger cities are now more affordable and/or more accessible to overseas buyers.

The Death of Analogue Marketing

Non-digital (dinosaur) agencies have failed to invest in the latest cutting-edge technologies. In the current coronavirus and post-COVID-19 market, online marketing platforms are key. These tools will keep sellers and buyers safe. (and for that matter, their agents also). 

Such agencies still use analogue marketing with static images, newsprint and a For Sale or Buy Me sign in the hope of getting their house listings seen. Gone are the days of Open Houses, on-site auctions, in-room auctions and private inspections by interstate buyers visiting the region.

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Just Like the Future of Dinosaur Agencies— Analogue is Truly Over!

Agent-walk through listings videos are still popular with many agencies opting to use them in marketing. They appear to showcase 3–4 minutes of the property (usually what the agency thinks the buyer wants to see). Research confirms that an agent-walk through marketing video is not as effective as an interactive or virtual tour. However, the real takeaway is that these real estate video marketing strategies are a prime branding advertisement designed for the agency or agent! And guess who pays for that privilege? YES! That’s right— YOU the SELLER!

It’s no wonder there is understandable distaste for ineffective marketing right now by the public! It’s the exact same business branding model with most newspaper advertising, industry portal giants and social media marketing. But that’s an entire other blog post for another day! Insider Realestate Hervey Bay Marketing Truths! (coming soon)

Safety in Social Distancing & Lock-down Rules

Social distancing and lock down rules are here for everyone’s safety. Marketing property isn’t as simple as it previously was even just a few weeks ago. Pre-COVID, the goal was to get as many people to physically inspect your home as possible. And now? It’s to get the RIGHT EYEBALLS on it. The now norm for real estate marketing requires using latest online platforms, embracing new technology and adopting an innovative lateral thinking process.

Along with other leaders in digital marketing, the Property Brokerage brand has always been to:business man silhouette holding ripped note that says Think Outside the Box in his hands

We implemented our Zero Contact Open Homes (Virtual Tours) and other online strategies as part of our everyday marketing well before the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s been a steady increase in the number of buyers making offers without even setting foot on or in the property.

Like everything new, there is a massive learning curve and cost to acquire, understand and execute these cutting-edge newer technologies. It appears that most real estate agencies will pass such costs directly on to the sellers just as they always have.

Online Virtual Tours are the Best Solution

Due to the Coronavirus, selling your home may not be as easy although an agency that offers virtual tours will help. Just be sure that the agency you select is indeed an expert in the various technologies used in virtual platforms. Real estate agencies that are well equipped to operate in the digital age are sellers best options at this time.

Our strong advice to any seller that NEEDS to sell their home now or in the near future is to be prepared and ready to be flexible. There may be obstacles and delays due to the new lock-down rules and quarantine regulations in place. Our team has plenty of previous online marketing experience and many viable solutions readily available since we have positively overcome similar issues with absentee or interstate buyers.

Safety Always Comes First!

Safety Note— If you are living in your home while it’s on the market, be sure to fully consider all potential risks to all parties including yourself, your family, potential buyers and their agents. It is imperative that you seriously implement all precautions to mitigate all risks.

pinned yellow note Stay Home Stay Safe

Ask yourself this question— is the agent looking after your health or their bottom line?

Contact us today for more information about how we can best assist you to sell your house during the coronavirus outbreak. After all, Property Brokerage is the digital & virtual marketing expert for all realestate Hervey Bay property.

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