Seller Beware: Hope Marketing Strategy is Hopeless!

hope marketing

Fortunately for sellers, the days of the Hope Marketing Strategy are long gone! What is Hope Marketing? Remember when agents would bang in a buy me sign and upload a few photos to the internet— and sit in an office hoping for buyers to simply walk in the door or call? Terms like “discount commission”, “free marketing”, “pay on sale” were good indications of typical Hope Marketing strategy agencies.

Don’t let your biggest asset get stuck in the past with the hope marketing methodology of yesteryear.

Seek Fair Market Share or Best Value

Sure, if a seller wants simply to sell based on price alone; then this strategy may work. But, if looking for fair market or best value for your home, don’t rely on a real estate team that uses this outdated strategy.

Since the number of properties on the market and information available to buyers is endless— selecting the right agent to sell their property is even more important than before; especially if they hope to achieve the best result possible.

Know the Difference Between Advertising & Marketing

Unfortunately, most salespersons in the real estate industry don’t know the difference between Advertising and Marketing. Be sure to select a marketing specialist with a proactive, modern, cost-effective, targeted marketing strategy as this is the key to success for the seller, and for that matter, the buyer also.

Advertising whether used correctly or incorrectly, still costs the same with internet, newspaper and signage costing tangible dollars.

Marketing isn’t an extra cost to the seller. It is the intellectual skill of the agent.  Sellers pay for marketing in the form of commissions paid to the agent on the sale of their property. Marketing is the strategy that the agent will use to get a property sold. There should be no charge for marketing if the property is not sold.

Marketing Specialists Place the Property in the Buyer Spotlight

Marketing specialists understand that every advertising dollar spent should place the property in the buyer spotlight. The advertising should be targeted for maximum effectiveness for the property and the seller in attracting the best buyer. Advertising is not about spotlighting the agent or agency with branding.

A real estate marketing specialist will have a well proven strategy and can clearly explain how this strategy will add value to the transaction, give voice in negotiations and how he/she has the vision required to make it happen.

Any real estate salesperson can claim to be a marketing strategy specialist, but simply turning up to a listing appraisal with a one size fits all advertising schedule in hand that just outlines costs— isn’t a marketing specialist.

Relevant, up-to-date information is the key to success for all involved.

Be sure to ask questions.

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