Urangan Schools, Daycare & Education

Explore the vibrant educational landscape of Hervey Bay, where schools stand as pillars of excellence, offering holistic learning experiences that nurture students’ intellectual, emotional, and social growth. Renowned for academic prowess, Hervey Bay Schools, colleges, and local university campus garner national recognition, providing diverse programs tailored to every student’s needs and aspirations. 

Within this educational haven, Urangan Schools shine as beacons of excellence, offering top-rated institutions and diverse programs that lay a strong foundation for students’ educational journey. Navigate through our comprehensive guide to Urangan’s schools and daycare options, ensuring a seamless transition into quality education for your child.

Urangan Schools & Education Options

Experience the synergy of convenience and camaraderie within Urangan Schools, where education meets accessibility and inclusivity. Here, the journey of learning transcends mere academics, fostering a nurturing environment that celebrates diversity and community engagement.

Urangan Daycare & Pre-School Options

Free Kindy urangan schoolsFree KINDY, offers 15 hours per week for 40 weeks each year. The delivery varies across services. Some provide these hours over two or three days, with extra care requiring separate payment. In long day care settings, additional care might be partially covered by the Australian Government Child Care Subsidy.

logo bay explorers urangan schools

Bay Explorers Early Learning, Urangan

730 Boat Harbour Drive, Urangan, QLD 4655
Ph: (07) 4194 6220
*Long Day Care

Bay Explorers Early Learning in Urangan achieves the highest rating of EXCEEDING across all seven quality areas, setting a new standard for childcare in Hervey Bay. 

Led by dedicated educators, the kindergarten room adheres to Queensland guidelines, ensuring each child reaches their potential. With a modern facility and holistic approach, the center prioritizes the wellbeing of every child, fostering strong relationships with families. 

From initial meetings to kindergarten graduation, the focus on play, learning, and safety creates a happy, enriching experience.

TGs Child Care urangan schools

TG's Child Care and Kindergarten

61 Miller Street, Urangan, QLD 4655
Ph: (07) 4184 2282
*Long Day Care

TG’s Child Care in Urangan offers an award-winning early learning experience, emphasizing “Playing is Learning for Life.”

With a family-like atmosphere, TG’s nurtures children’s growth, aiming to be a trusted steward of their future. The center provides a vibrant environment for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years, with nutritious meals and inclusive care.

Qualified educators prioritize personalized learning, fostering relationships and exploration. Utilizing the Early Years Learning Framework, TG’s integrates literacy, numeracy, and social skills development into daily activities, preparing children for school while instilling a love for lifelong learning.

Family Daycare Logo urangan schools

Family Daycare Providers Urangan

Office: 61 Miller Street, Urangan, QLD 4655
Ph: (07) 4124 8990

Family Daycare Providers in Urangan offer a personalized childcare experience within a home environment. With a focus on small group settings, these providers offer individualized care and attention to children.

Families benefit from flexible hours and a nurturing atmosphere where children can learn and grow alongside their peers.

Family Daycare Providers in Urangan are registered and regulated, ensuring quality care and peace of mind for parents.

Urangan Primary Schools

Explore Urangan’s diverse range of primary school options, where young learners embark on their educational journey with enthusiasm and curiosity. From state-of-the-art facilities to nurturing environments, Urangan’s primary schools offer a rich blend of academic excellence and holistic development.

With a focus on tailored learning experiences and dedicated educators, these schools empower students to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Whether you seek a traditional curriculum or innovative approaches to education, Urangan’s primary schools provide a foundation for lifelong learning and success.

sandy straits state school

Sandy Strait State School

138 Robert St, Urangan, QLD 4655
Ph: (07) 4197 03333

Sandy Strait State School in scenic Hervey Bay welcomes you to explore its offerings! Hosting around 720 students from Prep to Year 6, the school prioritizes individual achievement. Operating under the motto, “Strive for Success,” curriculum activities are customised to cater to each student’s distinct needs.

The school’s devoted staff creates a nurturing environment, facilitating the development of students’ skills, knowledge, and talents. Families are encouraged to engage in this educational journey, supporting each child’s growth and pursuit of success.

urangan point state school

Urangan Point State School

45-48 Miller St, Urangan, QLD 4655
Ph: (07) 4194 8333

Urangan Point State School is conveniently situated near the iconic Urangan Pier and just a short walk from the beautiful Hervey Bay foreshore.

Recognised for its proud cultural heritage and modern facilities, Urangan Point State School is highly regarded in the Hervey Bay area. Academic excellence is prioritized, with a commitment to improving student outcomes and maintaining high standards of discipline, attendance, and uniform.

The staff are dedicated to fostering “literate futures” for all students, ensuring proficiency in reading, writing, and communication. For families seeking a school with strong academics and modern amenities, Urangan Point State School is an excellent choice.

Urangan High School Options

Urangan State High School stands as the sole high school in the Urangan area, offering a comprehensive educational experience for students. Families in the region seek a high school that fosters academic excellence, promotes personal growth, and prepares students for future success.

At Urangan State High School, there’s a hope for a supportive learning environment where students are encouraged to pursue their interests and reach their full potential.

With dedicated teachers, modern facilities, and a range of extracurricular opportunities, this school aims to nurture well-rounded individuals who are equipped for the challenges of higher education and the workforce. It’s a place where students can develop essential skills, explore their passions, and build a foundation for a bright future.

urangan state high school

Urangan State High School

120 Robert St, Urangan, QLD 4655
Ph: (07) 4197 0111

Welcome to Urangan State High School, where excellence is the focus every minute, every day. The school is dedicated to uncovering the potential within each student through engaging educational and social experiences that open doors to new ideas and opportunities for future success.

The community at Urangan State High School is friendly, vibrant, and committed to the motto “Working together to learn.” With a philosophy centered on high standards and continuous improvement, the school encourages students to strive for their best in all aspects of life. It’s important to note that Urangan State High School operates as an enrolment managed school.

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