Buying Vacant Land for Sale Hervey Bay Tips

vacant land for sale in hervey bay

Thinking about building your dream home from scratch? There are several key things to do to get started such as finding suitable vacant land for sale. Hervey Bay is booming, and the good news is that there has been substantial real estate growth in the region including recent new land developments for sale. We offer a diverse range of vacant land options, including rural, beachfront, and cheap land for sale in Hervey Bay, Maryborough, and outer regions.

Not Quite Ready to Build? What About Buying Vacant Land in Hervey Bay as an Investment?

When buying something, you anticipate getting a significant return on your investment, it would be a waste of money otherwise. Although a vacant block of land isn’t entirely inert, it generally lacks income-producing development(s). However, vacant land does not lose value over time and should continue to appreciate based on its position even if you don’t do anything to it.

The advantages of purchasing vacant land are numerous. Vacant land may be a successful investment, whether you’re a land developer or an individual looking to purchase property early in life. 

Find out about the various buying vacant land loan options and specific criteria for buying raw land.

Advantages of Buying Vacant Land Hervey Bay

  1. When you buy vacant land as an investment, you get full ownership of the property. Since undeveloped land is cheaper than land that has already been built on, you might not need a mortgage or loan. Once the seller transfers the title to your name, you own the land right away.
  2. Most people buy developed land with a house or unit already built than empty or vacant land. So, you don’t have a lot of competition finding a vacant block to suit your needs.
  3. Vacant land is a long-term investment that is cheap and offers a high return. It doesn’t require any maintenance. Even if you leave it unattended, its value will increase as the area around it develops. You can buy it now and sell it many years later without doing anything because (unlike developed land) it doesn’t need any staging to look good to buyers.
  4. Since there’s nothing on your land that someone could steal or damage, you don’t need to hire someone to watch it or put up a security system. Of course, you still have to watch out for people dumping trash or digging up your land, which is very unlikely in a residential area.
  5. Buying land as an investment is easier than buying an established property because many people selling empty land are looking for a quick sale. They may be more open to negotiating the terms and price since they are less likely to be attached to vacant land in comparison to their home or where they live.

Important Considerations When Buying Vacant Land

Before buying vacant land, there are a few things you should think about. Taking these things into account can help you find the right property for your needs, especially if you are buying land for development.

Zoning: If you are interested in a specific block of land, be sure to check with the local council planning office to see what its zoning is. You don’t want to buy a piece of land where you want to build a house and find out it’s zoned for commercial.

Shape: Look for a piece of land that has the right shape for what you want to do with it. Don’t just look at how big it is. The shape of no two lots of the same size is exactly the same.

Access: Even though you can buy land remotely, it’s advisable to personally inspect it so that you can determine if it’s easily accessible, how far away it is from the road, and if you need to apply for an easement, etc.

History: Don’t buy vacant land without finding out about its past, especially if it is cheaper than similar pieces of land. It could be that the land was a landfill, or there might be a sinkhole under it that is getting bigger. Or it may just be a bargain but it’s always best to check before buying.

Current Vacant Land for Sale Hervey Bay

There are so many great lifestyle options in Hervey Bay with a wide variety of different home types from beachfront to expansive acreage properties and everything in between. Not sure of the type of block you want? Do a quick search for any of the following phrases to see what’s available in the area: rural land for sale Hervey Bay, land for sale Hervey Bay esplanade, land for sale River Heads, commercial land for sale Hervey Bay, etc.

Check out our current vacant land for sale Hervey Bay & Maryborough Listings.

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We also have some great Hervey Bay Turnkey House and Land Packages available throughout the Urangan and Kawungan areas. Be sure to check these out as a brand new ready-to-move-in home may be perfect for your needs.

*Of course, you can always drop into our office at Whale Bay Marina Urangan for a chat about buying vacant land in Hervey Bay, land prices, or anything else you’d like to know about.

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