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With new real estate restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic; Virtual Home Tours (hands-free home buying) is set to become the new norm— but here at Property Brokerage it’s simply business as usual as we’ve always been hands-free!

Although we had absolutely no idea of the crisis which was about to happen; we did foresee that the internet or online marketing was the way of the future. Our business model was based on that reality.

Interactive Open Homes Virtual Home Tours

Combining Dianne’s general marketing, web-design and writing skills with Brian’s real estate and marketing expertise; Interactive Open Homes was launched just over two years ago. We quietly perfected its application and then offered it to several local Hervey Bay real estate agencies as a selling tool at no upfront cost; but most declined; dismissing it for various reasons.

We were planning to step out of real estate to further develop the Interactive Open Homes brand, but with poor response from the agencies decided to create our own unique brand of real estate instead— Property Brokerage is the result.

We’ve only been in business for less than one year; selling nine properties with minimal cost to our sellers through our unique cost-effective marketing strategy and virtual home tours.

We’ve sold each property via the internet using our Interactive Open Home Tour which allows buyers (and renters) to view a property as though they are physically in the house. Many of our buyers are interstate investors or retirees looking to move to beautiful Hervey Bay.

Our most recent sale went to contract in just five days with the buyer falling in love with the home online in an interactive open home. Another buyer purchased a brand-new home that isn’t even built yet using our interactive open home tour which showcases an exact same, already completed home. This is indeed a very powerful tool.

Interactive Open Home Tour vs Video?

Sure, a walk-through video, whereby an agent walks and talks his/her way through your property describing this and that is one option— but is it really the best way to highlight your property?

Our Interactive Open Home Tour not only depicts a real-life walk through— duplicating the experience of visiting your home in person but allows the buyer to navigate around thereby providing the freedom to view the property more effectively.

Our Interactive Open Home Tours tend to speed up the buying process as buyers can visualise the house more easily. It’s just like being there. Simply viewing photos or videos is nothing like going from room to room by yourself. This certainly helps to close the deal by invoking a very important sense of buyer ownership.

You might also like to read more about virtual tours. Check out this informative post: Introducing Our 3D Real Estate Interactive Open Home Tour Post-Pandemic Edition!

We find that interested buyers contact us because they have already made an emotional commitment. There’s no external pressure to rush— only freedom to explore and interact thereby allowing the potential to fall in love with the property and put in an offer subject to a private viewing.

UPDATE: By private viewing / appointment it may now mean that only one buyer and the agent can attend a viewing at the one time. It is likely that many agents will roll out multiple appointments one after the other for general viewing. This is not the best solution for sellers and/or buyers at this time.

Qualify your buyers by using our Interactive Open Home Tour!

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