So You'd Like to Join Our Real Estate Team?

Current Real Estate Jobs & Vacancies. Whether you are a well-seasoned Hervey Bay real estate agent, or you’ve just recently completed your full Real Estate Agent Licence; we’re looking for some top talent to come on board! Read on— we’ll tell you a bit more about our Current Real Estate Industry Sales Opportunities. No RE experience? No problem. 

Since we are an independent real estate agency working with a unique operating model, we do only employ fully licensed real estate agents, but we are happy to chat and steer you towards our recommended RE course provider; so be sure to give us a call. We’re really glad that you are interested in working with us!

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Now Hiring. Professional Real Estate Jobs Available.

Why Work with the Property Brokerage Team?

Your Own Business

You are the Brand, support co-branded

Earn Generous Commissions

The sky really is the limit

Work / Life Balance

Work when you want

Benefits of Property Brokerage Real Estate Jobs

Make a lot more money— for several reasons including a higher gross commission as you’ll be doing more deals and a better net income due to our unique business structure whereby, we cover almost all expenses.

Focus Your Energy— on listing & selling homes and building relationships. (our administration team takes care of everything else)

Access to Cutting Edge Technologies— we are leaders in virtual interactive home tours, online marketing platforms, social media & Google SEO.

More Time to— simply enjoy your life (with our proven internal systems / processes and team support)

The PROPERTY BROKERAGE BRAND is a uniquely new concept which has and will continue to ruffle the feathers of our competition. The combined skill set and knowledge behind our business is powerful— and our marketing rocks.

We are heavily invested in the unique marketing brand we have created in the Hervey Bay real estate marketplace. With targeted email and traditional marketing strategies, social media campaigns and organic website visitor growth; we know that we attract qualified Buyers and Sellers that we want to work with.

Sure— Property Brokerage is a fairly new agency but we’ve grown a great deal over the last two years. 

What Do We Do Best? Qualified Leads!
We generate high-quality leads & we also know how to close them! Sure, it may not always be easy, but it means less doing those things we don’t like so much (door knocking, cold calls, etc) although these too can be great little hidden gems of opportunity.

When you join the PROPERTY BROKERAGE team, we’ll also help you with your real estate career goals. HOW?

  1. Frequent on-going training, business planning, one-on-one coaching and co-branded marketing— to assist you in your growth to become the agent you wish to be.
  2. Our outstanding systems, tools and processes will free up your time allowing you to focus on whatever you consider important. (doing more business or simply enjoying your life)
  3. We’ve covered all the major bases: custom CRM, cloud-based file management, paperless transactions, buyer/seller/investor tools & templates, defined Buyer & Seller experiences, website content, blog posts and more. Since we live and teach technology; these terms are not just high-tech buzzwords to us!


Our “Think Outside the Box” business model reflects exactly who we are— the future of real estate. We don’t ask our agents or clients to pay any money toward our agency’s running costs like rent or branding. Our agents only pay a small monthly fee enabling them to access the professional tools necessary to do their job professionally and/or to enhance their career.

We are firm believers in the adage that it’s best to enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy. Everything else (if possible) should be outsourced.

We are very fortunate as we have killer admin, copy writers, photographers, virtual tour designers and marketing staff— ALL IN-HOUSE!

You will wonder how you managed without our Property Brokerage Client Care systems which allow you to offer genuine FULL SERVICE real estate experience to your clients.

If You Join Our Team You Are Never Alone

Real estate can be a lonely business and at times it is helpful to have a mentor, a second opinion or someone to vent to. Likewise, when going away on holiday, it’s nice to know that your clients will still receive the same high-quality service as if you were here. That’s right— as a Property Brokerage Hervey Bay Sales Agent our real estate jobs ethic is to work together (not against one another) ensuring that we all have each other’s backs.


If you research the company, you’ll see that these are our Company Mission & Core Beliefs. We aim to always deliver a seamless experience to our Buyers & Sellers via our solid foundation of systems, processes and support. These same tools also enable us to scale and grow our brand.

What is our brand? It’s about how people feel about interacting with us and the stories they tell friends and family about their property Brokerage experience. Agents, Buyers & Sellers— we are all part of the same team.

By creating remarkable real estate experiences for our clients, we become part of their unique story. We strive to ‘Think Outside the Box’— elevating the buying and selling of real estate to the exciting, fun and connected experience that it should be. The Property Brokerage team aspires to invite a fresh new voice, innovation and total transparency to the real estate industry.


  • Embrace fresh ideas & bold thinking
  • Be real & transparent
  • Work hard & hustle
  • Be responsive & available
  • Obsess about the detail
  • Do the right thing for the long term
  • Do what you love & outsource everything else
  • And Always Be Yourself


Join our team - Property Brokerage
Real Estate Jobs

Still reading? That’s a great sign. If you’re a licensed real estate agent looking to join a team going to the top, send us a note and tell us why you think you’re PROPERTY BROKERAGE material.

Here’s a few things we’d like to know.
1. Why you want to work with us?
2. What excites you about working with us?
3. Why we should consider hiring YOU?