Choose Property Brokerage to Sell Your Home

Choosing Property Brokerage to Sell Your Home

No doubt there are plenty of real estate agencies in Hervey Bay that can sell your property for you— but many sellers end up choosing an agency that sells advertising first and the property second. Read on to discover how this typical real estate sales model directly impacts negatively on all sellers.

How are we different? Property Brokerage is a Marketing Real Estate Agency that focuses primarily on selling property through professional real estate marketing strategies that work. What does that exactly mean for our sellers? More and less—

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Choosing the right real estate agent or agency is a difficult choice and is certainly one of the major challenges sellers face when putting their property up for sale.

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Our Property Brokerage Hervey Bay Real Estate Guarantee to you—
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Pay only on a successful sale with Property Brokerage.

Includes: Premium Internet. Photo Signboard. Professional Photos & Virtual Tour. Professional Copywriting.
*zero upfront fees

Main Questions & Concerns That Hervey Bay Real Estate Sellers Have

1. How Much Will I Get for My Property?
This question can be answered by agents, sellers, and buyers via local knowledge and research. There are many places to access such information.

However, a well-informed local real estate agent should have up to date advice but ultimately the final price paid for a property is the amount the buyer will pay and what the seller is prepared to accept.

2. How Much Will It Cost Me to Sell my Property?
The answer to this question is highly detailed as there are several key factors regarding COST that will greatly affect the BOTTOMLINE. 

Commissions: A discount or budget agent may initially appear to be cost effective; saving you a heap of money. However, a discount or budget real estate agency or agent may also have same discount attitude when talking with buyers regarding the ultimate sale price of your property. Choosing an agent based on commission alone may reduce the final sale price of your property by tens of thousands of dollars; ultimately reducing your BOTTOM LINE.

Advertising & Marketing: These two words are often misunderstood and even used inter-changeably as most sellers are unaware that they actually have different focused meanings. Definitions, applications, and common instances follow:

Advertising: a form of communication that attempts to influence the behaviour of a defined target audience. Any message developed and placed with the ultimate intention of persuading a group to take a specific action (such as buying a product) can be considered an advertisement (ad) (hubspot) An Advert

Marketing: the process of getting people interested in your company’s product or service. This happens through market research, analysis, and understanding your ideal customer’s interests. Marketing pertains to all aspects of a business, including product development, distribution methods, sales, and advertising (hubspot) The Campaign

Marketing and advertising in real estate are often often lumped together. Do you know the main reason why? It’s primarily a cost shifting sleight of hand made by many ad-focused real estate agencies. And guess who pays? The seller!

Understand Exactly What You Are Paying For

Are you looking for a Real Estate Agency SELLING ADVERTISING with the aim of selling your property? Or a Marketing Real Estate Agency professionally marketing your property for sale? Believe it or not, there is a huge difference.

These are immensely different real estate agencies with a vastly different focus. Which do you want? The one that gives you the privilege of paying for an ad that primarily Brands their Agency and/or Agent (Real Estate Advertising focus) or an Agency / Agent that uses a Real Estate Marketing Focus to sell your property.

The Branding Agency: The Nitty Gritty Details

A branding agency is a Real Estate Advertising Agency SELLING ADVERTISING with the aim (hope) of selling your property. The attitude here is primarily that you get what you pay for— an advertisement (ad).

This type of agency insists that there are specific components that must be used to sell your property. They will inform you that choosing to cut any of these components, in the hope of reducing your cost of selling may adversely affect the sale price of your property and dramatically reduce your bottom line.

Generally, a Real Estate Agency SELLING ADVERTISING will insist you pay for their “Advertising Package” (real estate advertising costs) upfront before advertising is booked, with some offering an on-settlement payment option. They often have a clause stating that you will still need to pay the full amount should you decide to withdraw your property from their agency and/or from sale.

Real Estate Advertising Components (Ad Communication)
• Internet (, and or and others)
• Agency Websites
• Newspaper Advertising
• Social Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, etc)
• Sign Board: has Agency / Agent branding as the focus (a face pic of the agent taking up a large section of the sign)

Real Estate Property Marketing Components (The Campaign)
• Still Photography
• Drone Photography
• Videos: Agent Walk-through Video, Local Area, Coming Soon & Drone
• 3D Virtual Tours
• Databasing
• Open Homes: Advertising of Times, Fees to hold the open home, Pointers, Fliers & Pamphlets
• Auctions (if this is the preferred method of sale) The Auctioneer’s fee, Other staff that may be required attend on auction day

expensive advertising costs

Advertising Focus: Real estate advertising and marketing often lumped together in general real estate advertising costs.  

Why would anyone pay for marketing twice?
Commission is what agents get paid to market and sell a property.

The Property Brokerage Marketing Real Estate Agency Difference

Let’s now examine the factors associated with a Marketing Real Estate Agency like Property Brokerage that focuses on professionally MARKETING YOUR PROPERTY for sale.

Real Estate Advertising Components (Ad Communication)
The following are the only three advertising components that Property Brokerage as a marketing Real Estate Agency request our sellers to pay for is:
• Internet (, & other fee charging platforms)
• Newspaper Advertising (if used)
• Sign Board: with the marketing focus on the property including pictures of the unseen features of the property from the road view, Bullet Point Features of the property (minimal branding such as agency name, agent contact details)

Real Estate Marketing Components (The Campaign)
These are the marketing components and strategies that the Marketing Focused Agency /Agent may employ to get buyers viewing, inspecting and ultimately a contract of sale for you.

• Still Photography
• Drone Photography
• Videos: Agent Walk-through Video, Local Area, Coming Soon & Drone
• 3D Virtual Tours
• Data-basing
• Open Homes: Advertising of Times, Fees to hold the open home, Pointers, Fliers & Pamphlets
Listings & Content placed on various Free Real Estate Advertising Sites & Blogs

The Majority of Costs of Marketing Your Property are included in the Commission that you pay us at settlement

*The only marketing costs typically payable by our home sellers include any property professional photography, videos, virtual tours, and a picture sign-board which are used to present your home for sale on the various advertising platforms that we utilise. 

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